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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
He is a a punk that only takes shots behind someone back. Used to do that to me until I put him on IGGY. I guess he never got over me banning him one the last board he slithered on to. When he was banned on what is now broncos country.

Now that unless someone quotes the public shots at me (still behind my back) I never see them nor can he PM me to do it either.

He has been this way since the old mania days when he was a punk kid ten years and no more maturity than back then.

If you think telling to grow a pair will work, you are sadly mistaken.
You and I were banned from the same forums. You were also a moderator kicked off a site you and a few others started because you couldn't play by the rules on Mania/Broncos Country. So don't take the moral high ground and act like you have been innocent in your treatment of people on forums. You haven't.

Several times a day you go out of your way to talk about how I chime in and throw out a pot shot, try to throw me under the bus. My dislike for you doesn't have anything to do with you banning me. I dislike you because you are a turd of a human being and a hypocrite of the worst kind. You think you are better than people because you have more money, and constantly gloat about what you have in life and what others don't. You have a penchant for bringing up politics and stupid side arguments into football threads because you just can't help yourself. You are purposely divisive. You are also illiterate.

You are a grown up person who has acted like a petulant child for well over a decade on the internet. It is really quite pathetic. Like I've said before, I can't imagine my parents (who are probably your age) going on the internet and acting like a complete and total clown. I mean seriously, who is in their 40s and 50s and fights with teenagers on the internet? Someone who has big social problems.

I thought you said you had an epiphany at church and wanted to become a better person?


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