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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
BTW, Req why don't you grow a pair instead of being a b!tch and neg repping me. You feel you been wronged sack up and talk $h!t about me here in front of everybody and make your $h!tty point if you got one. BTW, I ain't no Jesus freak you weak a$$ wussy.
He is a a punk that only takes shots behind someone back. Used to do that to me until I put him on IGGY. I guess he never got over me banning him one the last board he slithered on to. When he was banned on what is now broncos country.

Now that unless someone quotes the public shots at me (still behind my back) I never see them nor can he PM me to do it either.

He has been this way since the old mania days when he was a punk kid ten years and no more maturity than back then.

If you think telling to grow a pair will work, you are sadly mistaken.
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