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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
SS & Medicare are not entitlements,you pay into those programs your entire working life. They are investments,not entitlements. Do I like the idea that there was some compromise,yes I do cause that's how government works.

Rethugs will have to bend our way for the debt ceiling.
i think maybe some small cuts in exchange for raising the limit is reasonable. Obama used to decry raising it so I think he should at least be able to do something to get it raised.

I agree the people getting screwed over but I don't see any other way to make the budget balance. I don't think asking Americans to work maybe a couple yrs more is a huge deal for people. The old age was back when people didn't live as long and healthcare wasn't as good. I think we could work an extra 2-3 yrs in exchange for the govt really cutting other spending. I agree it cant all be on the backs on soc sec and medicare.

I know something just went into action where people now have to pay tax on healthcare bennies they get? So Govt is going to be coming for revenue. We simply must make them cut and using the debt limit to get some IMO is perfectly legitimate.
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