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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I truly beleive that josh had every intention of trying to coach him up, but after watching film on him and then actually talking to him face to face. I suspect that was when he started to think trade or wonder if he would be nothing more than the Jeff George he turned out to be.

As for John I've always been a fan and wondered if he could pull an Ozzie Newsome go from HOF player to exec. Pretty sure that question has been answered.

So far so good on player picks. A few duds but we all know that the draft is a crap shoot. But for the most part he is loving by the credo that you build a team via the draft.

My hat is off to him.
I have been in the car alot on Thursday and AM670 (could have been AM1000) "The Score" had Mike Klis on and they talked about McCoy for a while and then the talk shifted to to mCd trying to run Cutler out of Denver. Not sure if I remember hearing that it went down the way Klis said it did but mCd was so in love with the trade for Cassell that he had a 3 way trade going with Tampa Bay shipping Cutler out to FL.

Sounds like mCd wanted to bring in his guy that he knows what he is going to get out of and then dump Cuter for some picks (that he ended up wasting later), mCd got what he wanted and ended up being forced to reach on a guy like Tebow, he moves back up to draft Timmy then would not start him at all in his last few weeks with Denver.

mCd was totally unprepared for the NFL level and the win now mentality. So glad we have a HC and OC who know what their players do well and get them in positions to succeed, where as mCd threw the ball on a LT screen to a Left Tackle. inside the redzone.
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