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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
But when the value drops to say 200 dollars an ounce,what then? This country isn't going back to the gold standard nor is the dollar going to become useless.
If you are going to give a scenario, give an accurate one. We all know you love Obama but I don't care who the president is now or in the future, it will not drop to $200 an ounce unless an astroid blows up before hitting earth and sprinkles masses of gold onto the planet (you will need it to repair your homes and cars). We don't need to go back to the gold standard to understand that gold is king of all currency, backed or not. Personally, I would feel a lot better with a standard then trust my Country. I love my God but he isn't going to interfere with the country's currency system. There is a much bigger chance that the dollar will become inflated beyond we can imagine then gold prices drop 80%. You have way too much faith in our country. The one that is trillion dollars in debt.
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