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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Do you really beleive he would have not screwed up those picks if he had?

If you go back and look at players taken in the top ten they were usually DL, QB, or OL. With an occasional RB/WR

More later
Uh, no... I think if Mike Shanahan's Broncos teams had sucked thoroughly enough for us to have top-ten draft picks, he would not have been our HC for 14 years; he would have been fired. He received heavy criticism for the 6-10 (1999) season... and rightly so because we were the defending SB champions. Key injuries (a lot of them) were a factor, but when expectations are high, criticism follows when those expectations are not met.

But high expectations from the fan base is exactly the point I was trying to make... we aren't used to our team sucking and I fully believe that if "Spygate 2" hadn't taken McDaniels down, the 4-12 record...and being the second-worst team in the league... would have. I don't believe for a second that Tebow would have factored into the equation; being one of the league's 2 worst teams wouldn't have been considered ok.
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