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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Also peace remember any precedent set will also be used against you someday. Just like Repubs will eventually have to deal with Dems using the 60 threshold to stop legilsation from coming to a vote. So if you give the President the power to raise debt limit one day it will be a repub not having to listen to the democrats. Thats why its always better to use a compromise rather then a hammer. I was really surprised the repubs getting the tax threshold raised wasn't considered more of a victory for repubs then media made it out.

Then repubs got a provision in defense bill making it tough for Bama to move prisoners from Guantanamo. Not like conservatives didnt get some wins IMO.

So whats your plan? To have Obama mint trillion dollar coins to avoid debt limit and spending cuts? Wow I don't think that would go over to well.
The debt limit is unconstitutional,so therefore whether there's a rep or a dem in office,there shouldn't be a debt limit.
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