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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
But as for cutlet well it is up for debate why he wanted out.
In hindsight, there were no secret agendas, we saw what happened. Cutler's name was mentioned a couple times, likely just idle chatter, but when Cutler asked him about it, Josh lied to his face. Petulant child #1: "He lied! He lied!" Petulant child #2 (fresh off his Matt Cassell miracle) "The player doesn't make me, I make the player."

So Elway's plan was "Champ is the Rock, and upon this Rock I shall build my team?" Kinda funny to focus on a 12th year cornerback when facing the mother of all rebuilds ... maybe Clady or Woodyard, or how 'bout John's first draft pick, highest pick in franchise history, Von Miller?

But you can't question Elway at this point, you simply cannot. Has he made even one wrong move? No, he hasn't ... he's running the table three racks in, while his doubters watch dumbfounded, holding their sticks in their hands.
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