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Now I like what I am hearing with that Carolina situation. Jon Beason would look great in the middle of our defense I think, and you just made me get all giddy by mentioning Jonathan Stewart! haha! I know you and DB4L are saying that Franklin is one of the best RT's in the game, I don't know if I would go that far. That was merely a suggestion. I mentioned in the other thread about maybe even putting Blake there, I have not heard much about his development though. I think we would be able to find a Guard in the draft that could fit in nicely.

And yeah the only reason I am even looking at trading Kuper is because of the cap issue as well. I wouldn't be even suggesting it, if we didn't have that issue.
And thanks for the greeting, I am glad to finally be posting on here. It's been a long time coming!
I think much of a trade would be predicated on Beason reworking his deal, I believe that it would be possible to get him, though he has been having some injury issues of his own, he would need to rework that deal. Carolina is in lousy cap conditions going into next season. Getting Beason is fiesable maybe Deangello too who knows. They would not part ways with Stewart though..

Franklin graded out as one of the best RTs in the league, I believe he only surrendered one sack. Blake isn't proven, we would need to draft a replacement.. There are some quality Guards in the draft.
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