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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
My point wasn't about whether or not those draft picks panned out and the information about who they were isn't exactly a secret. The point was that during the entire Shanahan era, we didn't select a single player within the first ten of the draft in any year. Guess I could have made my point just as well by noting 6 wins is the fewest we had in any Shanahan year and it resulted in a #10 overall pick, but Shanahan traded down to #19. We were never, ever close to #2 with Shanahan at the helm, so I don't see how anyone can advance a valid argument that 4-12 and #2 overall wasn't the nadir of this franchise since the 60's/early 70's.

Edited to add: you have to go all the way back to '91 (Mike Croel, #4 overall) to find another Broncos top-ten draft pick besides Von Miller. Broncos fans are not used to the team sucking horribly enough to be drafting in the top ten.
Do you really beleive he would have not screwed up those picks if he had?

If you go back and look at players taken in the top ten they were usually DL, QB, or OL. With an occasional RB/WR


2003 - ROUND 1
1	Cincinnati Bengals	Carson Palmer	QB	USC
2	Detroit Lions	Charles Rogers	WR	Michigan State
3	Houston Texans	Andre Johnson	WR	Miami (Fla.)
4	New York Jets	Dewayne Robertson	DT	Kentucky
5	Dallas Cowboys	Terence Newman	CB	Kansas State
6	New Orleans Saints	Johnathan Sullivan	DT	Georgia
7	Jacksonville Jaguars	Byron Leftwich	QB	Marshall
8	Carolina Panthers	Jordan Gross	T	Utah
9	Minnesota Vikings	Kevin Williams	DE	Oklahoma State
10	Baltimore Ravens	Terrell Suggs	OLB	Arizona State
11	Seattle Seahawks	Marcus Trufant	CB	Washington State
12	St. Louis Rams	Jimmy Kennedy	DT	Penn State
13	New England Patriots	Ty Warren	DE	Texas A&M
14	Chicago Bears	Michael Haynes	DE	Penn State
15	Philadelphia Eagles	Jerome McDougle	DE	Miami (Fla.)
16	Pittsburgh Steelers	Troy Polamalu	DB	USC
17	Arizona Cardinals	Bryant Johnson	WR	Penn State
18	Arizona Cardinals	Calvin Pace	DE	Wake Forest
19	Baltimore Ravens	Kyle Boller	QB	California
20	Denver Broncos	George Foster	

1	San Diego Chargers	Eli Manning	QB	Mississippi
2	Oakland Raiders	Robert Gallery	T	Iowa
3	Arizona Cardinals	Larry Fitzgerald	WR	Pittsburgh
4	New York Giants	Philip Rivers	QB	North Carolina State
5	Washington Redskins	Sean Taylor	FS	Miami (Fla.)
6	Cleveland Browns	Kellen Winslow	TE	Miami (Fla.)
7	Detroit Lions	Roy Williams	WR	Texas
8	Atlanta Falcons	DeAngelo Hall	CB	Virginia Tech
9	Jacksonville Jaguars	Reggie Williams	WR	Washington
10	Houston Texans	Dunta Robinson	CB	South Carolina

More later
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