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Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
I wish I could have gotten into this discussion earlier, but I would just like to throw one thing out there.
I love Chris Kuper, as I am sure most of us do. But he has had lingering injury issues, and having to play Manny Ramirez at RG is starting to get really old.
I believe this is a pretty deep OL draft class, meaning that at #32 overall (god willing) we will be able to pick a pretty decent RT up.
The reason I say RT is because I know that Orlando Franklin played Guard at Miami, say we put him there and have a new RT or even Clark come in at that spot.
I'm just spit balling here, but I would like to hear what your guys thoughts are. As well as hear what kind of trade value we could get for Kuper. I know Dallas, Philly, Arizona, and probably many other teams out there that could use help at RG.
Franklin is one of the best RT's in the game. Zero reason to move him period. I would rather draft a OG in the third round if that was the case.
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