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I wish I could have gotten into this discussion earlier, but I would just like to throw one thing out there.
I love Chris Kuper, as I am sure most of us do. But he has had lingering injury issues, and having to play Manny Ramirez at RG is starting to get really old.
I believe this is a pretty deep OL draft class, meaning that at #32 overall (god willing) we will be able to pick a pretty decent RT up.
The reason I say RT is because I know that Orlando Franklin played Guard at Miami, say we put him there and have a new RT or even Clark come in at that spot.
I'm just spit balling here, but I would like to hear what your guys thoughts are. As well as hear what kind of trade value we could get for Kuper. I know Dallas, Philly, Arizona, and probably many other teams out there that could use help at RG.
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