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alfred e numan

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I'm on a ranch in the middle of moffat county. No Cable available so it used to be dial up but now they have Hughes sattelite. was for crap last night.

Wife beaters was Marshall and his 40 something police reports or call ins from his house while his ex girlfriend was still, around even after he dumped her he was involved in a slap down while he was in MIA outside a club with his now wife.

Why anyone on this or any other forums could excuse it and want the mental midget on the team is beyond me.

Once maybe but hai rap sheet on that was 40 plus 911 calls. Just at his house.

Add in his responsibility for the death of darennt and IIRC a couple of DUIs, his attitude at TC the next summer.

I just do not see why anyone would want this ticking time bomb on the team. He does you no good if he is in jail or serving a suspension.
well why wont the courts then serve some justice up and isnt this drifting a wee bit off subject i dont like criminals on any nfl team we aint the raiders but brandon marshall isnt a Denver Bronco anymore
therefore isnt on my radar anymore go on to the chicago bears forum and ask them why they love him

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