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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Yes, I do believe it was a direct and deserved shot at McDaniels by Elway... and at a 4-12 season that resulted in the #2 overall pick in the draft. I think we can all agree that 4-12 and #2 overall is... subpar. And really, unacceptable. To Elway, it was unacceptable. We Broncos fans are somewhat spoiled; the team hasn't truly sucked (until McDaniels) since the 60's, early 70s. Yes, we had some "mediocre" years but during the Shanahan years, I don't think we ever picked in the top ten.

Nope. Not a single pick in the top ten:
2008: Ryan Clady #12
2007: Jarvis Moss #17
2006: Jay Cutler #12
2005: Darrent Williams #56 (our 1st pick was in the 2nd round)
2004: DJ Williams #17
2003: George Foster #20
2002: Ashley Lelie: #19
2001: Willie Middlebrooks #24
2000: Deltha O'Neal #15
1999: Al Wilson #31
1998: Marcus Nash #30
1997: Trevor Pryce #28
1996: John Mobley #15
1995: Jamie Brown #121 (our 1st pick was in the 4th round).
Blue, maybe next time to prove your point, don't put the names of our 1st rounders. Good God Shanny missed on a ton of those. Middlebrooks? Foster? Nash? Not that it was a total cluster **** but some bad memories.
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