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[QUOTE=peacepipe;3770875]Anyone notice the trend,with bad economy gold rises,when this economy gets back on its feet,I'm not going to feel bad for those that bought gold thinking it was a good investment.[/QUOTE]

Surely you jest.

Evidently you have been duped into thinking there is a recovery. How can there be a recovery with no jobs? It's just propaganda.

The fed printed $40 billion in QE 3 and gave it to the bankers at zero or near zero interest. Did they invest the cash in the real economy? That might have spurred a true recovery. But no the banksters bought US Treasury bonds which have a guaranteed 2% return.

Free money for them. No new jobs for the people.

As for the gold -- notice when the price started up -- Sept 11, 2001.

Only the plunge protection team has kept the price of gold and silver down. It is being manipulated down here in the US -- while the trend in China, Europe and elsewhere is to move higher.


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