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Originally Posted by ColoradoBuff View Post
1. Luke Kuechly went #9 last year as a Jr. Te'o would have been drafted after him had he went out.
2. Typically top MLB's are drafted in the 20's...only elite physical freak MLB's are drafted in the top 15 (Urlacher, Kuechly, Willis). Te'o is NOT a physical freak.
3. If Te'o runs in the 4.7's at the combine (as he is projected), he would have went 15-30 in the 2012 draft...that's why he waited until this year.
4. If Te'o actually runs in the 4.6's, I would consider spending a 10-15 pick on him.

Nothing is outlandish about any of this at all. If you think so, you are in love with the player for the wrong reasons. Kuechly was/is a far better prospect. Ray Lewis was drafted at #26. Te'o is what you would call a "sure bet", but doesn't stand out athletically. Guys like him have become more valuable since the rookie cap went into place, and thus get drafted higher than they historically would be.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
QB and RB he is right on. I'd say WR is above-average. He is wrong in interior OL, DL, DB and LB.
Still looks like an average draft to me, with a lack of elite (top 10) QB's, RB's, WR's, or CB's.

OL, and LB are deep. DT is exceptionally deep.

Calling it a "weak" draft was overzealous on my part. There are probably going to be impact players available all the way to the mid-2nd round.

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
He is wrong about the RB's because his claim on speed makes a RB just like he bashed Martin for running a 4.5 40. Then there is Lattimore who when recovered is a franchise back.
Usually, if an RB doesn't run in the 4.4's, they aren't drafted in the 1st round. I never knocked Doug Martin, except to say that I didn't want the Broncos to pick him at #25. He wouldn't have been drafted in the 1st round, if Tampa Bay hadn't jumped up to #32. I would still go with Wolfe because effective UT's are so hard to find. I liked Martin, but we needed a DT bad.

Lattimore is good. He was good two years ago. He's not going to be a 1st rounder.
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