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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Lonestar is like a more depressing Angryllama.
Now I really respect your opinions.

But I have always been under the impresssion that debating ideas and facts was the function of in this case a football forum.

I have strong beliefs on what has caused our decline since the super bowl years. Facts to back those beliefs up and very little emotional attachment to anyone other than Pat and John E.

Where a lot of those that are very young and know nothing about broncos prior to mikey I see their emotional attachment to him.

Much like those that started watching when John was a pup.

That said I've been a fan since day one. Was at the first game in old bears stadium, had south stand season tickets till I moved out of state in 1979.

So I have a much diffenrt perspective than some of the kiddies on here.

So while I loved the Super Bowl years and what mikey did there, but after then watching his draftees and that for the most part they disappeared by the end of third TC. Either flat cut or traded.

When everyone was touting mikey as a genius for getting lots out of 5-7 round guys and UDFA, while that is well and good.

You better than most know that skill and talent that is coached well, will win out over players that are coached really wel that have much less talent. (even top talent in KC coached by mokes) does not win long term.

Mikey's record of keeping what should be your building block players rounds 1-3 was 6 of 41 during his tenure. The good one s he should have kept like Heyward he failed to keep because he could not afford them when their contract was done.

His record on bringing in rentals mostly washed up vets and wasting big bucks on them was historic.

While he did a great job early in bringing in some quality guys other teams copied him and drive the roiling in quality guys out of our price range. Yet he continued to waste money on lesser players.

If you look back at those guys he did resign, mobley, pryce, Griese, Neal, Wilson and finally DJ (whom IMO was totally overpriced for his production). All of those were drafted 1999 or before except DJ. What does that tell anyone that is objective?

His player drafting sucked donkey balls.

What say you?

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