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alfred e numan

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Are you really sure it was a shot at just Josh?

Was it something else?

Perhaps we take it to literal and he was talking more about the the state of the franchise, note he did not talk about players or coaches but the actual relationship of the fans with the Broncos and the fall off of ticket holders and confidence of the fans.

Maybe we as forum members read more into those comments than we should have.

Food for thought.

Thanks for your commentary. Even if you do not agree your not going for the throat like so many others..

Folks here seem to forget this is a discussion forum to put out ideas.

If everyone agreed on everything it would be a dull place to come.

Have a great day.
the state of the franchise was because of mcdaniels and before that shannahan in his last few years because he drafted wrong often and in his last game the defense allowed the chargers to score 52 damn points

Shanahan became the fourth coach to be fired this week, after going 24-24 over the past three seasons, including three straight losses in 2008 that turned a three-game division lead to an 8-8 record.
It included a historic collapse with Denver becoming the first team since divisional play started in 1967 to blow a three-game lead with three games left.

The Broncos' defense gave up 448 points, third worst in the NFL, including 112 during the three-game collapse at the end. It was ranked 29th in yards allowed and tied for last in the NFL with a minus-17 turnover margin
It will be interesting to see if Bowlen wants a change in the way the organization is run. Over the past several years, the most successful teams have moved away from the once-popular structure of having a coach-slash-GM in charge of everything.

In Denver, Shanahan ran everything and as things went downhill, he relieved defensive coordinators -- Greg Robinson, Ray Rhodes, Larry Coyer and Jim Bates -- in almost revolving-door fashion.

Rocky Mountain News reported on Tuesday night that Bowlen asked Shanahan to make another change at defensive coordinator -- this time cutting loose Bob Slowik. Shanahan reportedly refused. He had said after Sunday's loss that he would not fire another defensive coordinator.

Shanahan was regarded as a coaching genius when it came to creating mismatches on the field, confusing defenses by using different personnel groupings to run the same set of plays, series after series and game after game.

Davis. Olandis Gary. Reuben Droughns. Clinton Portis. Tatum Bell. They all ran for 1,000 yards for the Broncos and the basic thought was that anyone could do it.

But after Elway retired, it was never quite the same.

His replacement, Brian Griese, never panned out. Jake Plummer got the Broncos to the AFC title game in 2005, but Denver was blown out by Pittsburgh. Shanahan drafted Cutler the next year -- an indication he was blowing up a team that had come so close a year before.

Cutler, along with receivers Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal, make up the core of what could be a very promising offense in years to come. But the defense Shanahan assembled was wretched -- allowing more than 400 points over the past two seasons -- and the Broncos hardly looked like contenders.
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