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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Hit that one out of the park.

The number of forums he has been banned from and the number of times he was is astounding. But he keeps yapping like a little terroir mut.

Why he feels the need to attack me all the time might be directly related to the number of times I banned him when I was a mid on the last forum.

Maybe he feels like a man by doing so. I've had him on IGGY so long is is scary figured he was not worth the band width to read.
Says the guy who was a moderator at BF, until people decided you were lame and you got the boot. How you ever even became a moderator on a website is beyond me. We have been banned on the same amount of forums: two. Difference is, very few people find you to be enjoyable. You are on route to have more posts on this forum in a year of active posting (really, just a few months) than some people who have been here 8-10 years.

I thought you only posted while pooping?

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