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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
What he does is take the politics thread and brings that same theory over here. Obviously, if you disagree with him on politics and you disagree with him on McD, Shanahan, or Tebow, it is because you are a liberal and not because McD ruined the team, Shanahan won two SBs or Tim Tebow cannot throw a football.
My analogy there is little difference between the two if you are liberal at heart instead of debating the facts, the easily way out is to call names or change the subject.

Myself if I'm wrong I admit it and move on I'm not going to change the subject or call you a name.

Now mikey or political figures are fair game, but it is a rare post where I aphave called you or anyone else a name. Especially in the football side,of the forums.

I know that some think calling me a name hurts my feelings, I'm way past that juvenile crap.
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