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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
With all due respect, Lonestar... I'll take John Elway's firsthand, been in the Broncos' front office; expected to "right the ship after the disaster that was McDaniels" opinion (that the Broncos were in the "worst shape ever when (he) took over") over your read-about-it-on-the-internet opinion.
Are you really sure it was a shot at just Josh?

Was it something else?

Perhaps we take it to literal and he was talking more about the the state of the franchise, note he did not talk about players or coaches but the actual relationship of the fans with the Broncos and the fall off of ticket holders and confidence of the fans.

Maybe we as forum members read more into those comments than we should have.

Food for thought.

Thanks for your commentary. Even if you do not agree your not going for the throat like so many others..

Folks here seem to forget this is a discussion forum to put out ideas.

If everyone agreed on everything it would be a dull place to come.

Have a great day.
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