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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Please TJ don't feed the trolls.

The guy loved tebow and Josh and Hates Shanahan, along with this team after all he did predict 6 wins for the Broncos this year.

I can see a guy loving tebow
or a guy thinking Josh deserved more time
or a guy that hates Shanahan
Or a guy that thinks Denver was going to only win 6 games this year...... but

add them all up and the fact that he pretty much insists he is right about everything proves he is just a troll.

You talking about beating a dead horse Lonestar is your man.... Although I really cannot wait until his next tanahan comment....ooooh the anticipation

So instead of debating facts you choose to denigrate the poster funny you used to have more class.

Sorry to see you are going dream boi
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