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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
There's no way you're serious, right?

Marshall had only missed 1 game (the opener against Oakland), and in the subsequent FOUR MORE YEARS, has missed a grand total of 3 more! ...btw, he just put up a 1500+ yard season.

Woodyard was "just a special teams player"? WTF are you smoking? He STARTED SIX ****ING GAMES THAT YEAR! And of course he's still here... the vast majority of our best players are still holdovers from Mike's team!

Also, Polumbus and Lichtensteiger have kinda started all year on the #1 rushing team in the NFL...

"Royally was a joke"... not even sure what "Royally" means, but under "Tanahan" (lol you're such a douche) he was one of the most explosive rookies in the league and fell 20 yards shy of 1k his rookie season. If that's a "joke" to you, then you must die laughing watching Schindlers List.

Serious question after all of your post history: are you trying to look stupid?
Pretty sure that marshall was suspended more then one game. By the nfl for his legal issues and also by the team due attitude detrimental to the team. Look it up if you want I'll not waste my time in it. sure he was the the only offense this year that chi had. BFD. DT is just as good atnthisnpoint in his career and not the head case BM is. He got to see more of the commish during his time in Den than all of the rest of the Denver players combined.

Woooyard started 6 games due to injury in 08 but primarily was a special teams player being that captain each year till this year when he became a full time starter due to dumb asses suspension. He did not start but ten games the next 3 years. Over his career he has been a special teams player and a very part time WLB.

Royal was one year wonder period not being able to get off the LOS after his rookie season. Go ahead and love on him if you want I'll take ED and DT over those jokes anyday. Even with SAN wild wild west offense he was joke.

So want else are you going to tout that mikey was so wonderful about. Other than fubaring every draft for almost day one. The guys he should have kept he could not afford because he wasted so much money on over the hill rentals because he screwed up his draft choices. Rinse repeat rinse repeat.

Just how many years did it take for Polumbus and lichtanstaieger to develop into those super stars on an OL how Greta were they last year without rgIII and Morris?
A Brilliant OC, but crap for personnel guy. From players to other coaches. Crappy decision maker.

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