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Chris Harris

Right, because you know, with a bad ass run game, a bad ass defense, Cutler and Marshall are just kicking ass in Chicago...oh wait, they aren't.

And Scheffler is always hurt. Graham had hands on stone. Hillis blows. Everyone else we still have.
Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Jay Cutler
Brandon Marshall
Tony Scheffler
Brandon Stokley
Daniel Graham
Peyton Hillis (arguably)
DJ Williams
Wesley Woodyard
Champ Bailey
Elvis Dumervil
Chris Kuper
Ryan Clady
Matt Prater
Spencer Larsen

I wouldn't call them all-stars, but they make up a pretty decent core of a team. And that's without mentioning that we had more cap room and draft picks going into '09 than we've had in Franchise history - and Josh pretty well squandered it all.
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