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Von Miller

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Locktenstieger could not hold a block.
Harris could not stay on the field.
Royally was a joke
Polumbus well he needed a few more years to develop still not sure he has

Stokely was hurt and had a poor season. IIRC everyone wanted his OLD a ss cut.
Cutlet, TS and BM all were promised new contracts by mikey for the next spring so all had lousy attitudes. Not to mention BM the spouse beater. Missed how many games due to Goodell.

WW was nothing at that time but a special teams player. And BTW he is still here.

How many of those defensive starters In 08 made the team in 09 3 dj (IMO an overpaid loser) doom and champ. That is all all the others never started for another team in 09, most were not in the NFL in 10 and folks those were our starters. Mikey could really choose them.

Note that the few players that were left over Josh added more to and IMO LEFT John more than he got. Better quality.

See post above.
Seems to me that lichtensteiger is doing well on the starting line for the redskins
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