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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
How many posts Dan_Bronco_Fan has posted in this thread about Tebow?

Good job Dan!
this thread needs more 13-3 bronco talk heres a lil something about jdr
While interest can still develop, it appears the Denver Broncos will have their defensive coordinator returning for the first time in seven years.

Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio told reporters Thursday he has not had any interviews for head coaching jobs set up yet. Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has interest from four teams and has interviews set for this weekend while the Broncos are on their bye during the playoffs.

Del Rio has been wildly successful in his first season as Denverís defensive coordinator. Denver finished No. 2 in the NFL in defense this season. It was 20th last season and 32nd two years ago. Del Rio is Denverís seventh defensive coordinator in seven years.

Many people thought Del Rio, fired as head coach in Jacksonville in 2011, might draw interest this offseason. Del Rio said he is not surprised he has not been contacted and seems fine with it.

ďYou never know how things are going to shake out, this year or any other year,Ē Del Rio said. ďFrom my standpoint, I think itís an honor to be involved in this league, playing and coaching, as long as I have. I really do believe that this gameís given me a lot more than Iíve been able to give it, I really do believe that, but Iíll keep trying. Iím having fun doing what Iím doing now, and if opportunities come in the future, Iíll look at them, but right now Iím 100 percent trying to help these Broncos go win a championship.Ē
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