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alfred e numan

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I guess the "real fans " will excuse wife beaters drunks and drug users because they are broncos.

Just hope their family is not hit by one of these morons while DUI. Have a feeling they would be singing a different tune.

My sattelite is for crap tonite see ya
1 dont use satellite for the internet it sucks dont listen to the bs spewed forth by your satellite provider
2 i dont know the standard penalty for dui i assume if its a first time offense you have to use a breathalizer to start ya car and probation 2nd time i think you go to prison jail maybe i dunno but mho you should be and apply the same law to everyone .
gee ddint you see my ray lewis jokes silly billy
3. shouldnt this of been discussed in a thread about ray the killer lewis seeing how he kinda got out of that charge
4. what brung that fans support wife beaters stuff up are you saying manning did something or our current coaches ?

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