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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Lonestar: Tying politics in a non political debate (on football).

Dude, you have to be in your late 60s because you sound like my Dad more and more. I bet your kids don't want to call you and wish you happy birthday because your answer would be this:
"Damn my birthday! What is so good about it with Obama in the White House?"

Seems everytime I call my Dad and he starts throwing politics in an everyday comment, I now have to think my Dad is posting on the Mane as Lonestar. ****!
What he does is take the politics thread and brings that same theory over here. Obviously, if you disagree with him on politics and you disagree with him on McD, Shanahan, or Tebow, it is because you are a liberal and not because McD ruined the team, Shanahan won two SBs or Tim Tebow cannot throw a football.
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