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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
I thought as a whole they would offset him. Meachum i didnt think was as good but thought he would contribute a lot and show more talent than he has before thats for sure. Just hope he can step it up next season. Cant be worse. One guy that is going to be a good player is Vincent Brown. He missed the whole year with a broken ankle that happened in preseason.
Brown maybe that kid does seem to have nice size and good hands. But with meachum we will have to disagree. He only made plays because defenses gave him 0 consideration in NO. The offense was so loaded you only think he can make those same sort of plays in SD.

Sure he can if you have Brown become as good as Colston, Mathews start playing like Sproles, and gates get back to his old self. Then maybe he would get deep once every other game or so for a big play. Meachum was a desperation move. I think its fair to say both DT and Decker would start on SD right now. Brown maybe gets there but Floyd and Meachum are roll players IMO. Not true NFL starters.
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