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the cap floor while somewhat unfair to smaller market teams is in place to avoid squatting owners who are only interested in owning the team and using it to make money while never truly improving the product.
or in layman's terms, it's to avoid those ****ers like Jeffrey Loria of the Miami Marlins.

the real problem is owners refusing to divvy up the pie in a fair manner amongst each other and then dishing out ridiculous contracts that shouldn't be on the table to begin with. they scream cost control and then wiggle through rules to go beyond what they themselves asked for and than demand better cost control measures only to do the same damn thing all over.
they wanted to stop the bad contracts so they put in the salary cap, well once the cap was in place they wanted a way to sign key guys so they started dishing out crazy 12+ year deals and now get pissed when they get stuck with them.
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