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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Since Marshall's sophomore season he has had more yards than Welker 4 times, Welker has had more yards than Marshall 2 times. Marshall has had more TDs than Welker 3 times, Welker has had more TDs 3 times. I am not sure how you conclude that Welker has better stats, even in his first year with the Dolphins Marshall had more yards than Welker - it gets even worse when you consider that Welker has done his damage playing with one of the greatest QBs of all time while Marshall has done it with Cutler, Chad Henne and Matt Moore.
Wasnt going to address this but i wanted to point out i said that about Welker and Marshall three years i said when Marshall was still on your team.
There was more to it than that but i just said the jist of it. And i wasnt taking anything away from Marshall, just going off of somebody's statement and using Welkers numbers to counter., to be brief.

But yes, Marshall is a wideout while Welker is mostly a slot/possesion WR so he wont put up as many yards or YPC. He gets many short passes from Brady.

Is Antonio Gates better than Tamme right now? yes he is, but Gates has been in a steady decline over the last 4 years and unless the new coach in San Diego can teach Philip Rivers to play QB that slide is not going to end. Tamme is a good number 2 TE, he lacks the size and atleticism to be a top TE in the same league as guys like Gonzalez, Gronkowski and Graham.
Gates has had foot problems and hadnt been right for two years. He was right this year but the offense a a whole stunk and was #31 in the league. A first for a Norv Turner offense but the OL is soo bad. Evderybodies numbers went south this year due to using 17 different players on the OL.which was the worst in the league.

Agree on Tamme, but i do think Peyton makes him look better than he is. Thats what great QB's do and i have to give props to Peyton as much a i can for what he did this year coming off injury and at his age to boot.

Rivers will be fine once they get him some damn protection and he can stop trying to be superman out there and making dumb mistakes. He stopped doing that the last 5 games and only had 1 INT and that one was a throw on a last drive of a game.

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