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Didnt i do that? I explained why i said that at the time.

Yes Decker and DT were better than i thought but Decker i think is an above ave WR who benefits from Manning and Tamme is just average. Hey i could be wrong still about Decker but he will get numbers with Peyton. Look at Tamme and what he was without him. In Peytons last two seasons, he has 850 completions,.... thats crazy. Somebody is going to benefit from that and id be estatic to be a WR playing with him.
All im saying now is DT isnt a star yet because he did it only once. I think it is inevidable with Peyton but you have to do it again and be consistant to be star players.
Of course a WR benefits from a QB. We all agree with Fitz as an example. But its not just a QB. These guys have to catch the ball. They have to run precise routes and get separation. You cannot coach a WR to have DT physical traits.
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