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replace hillman

Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
Not really. Before this season your WR's were more unproven than ours with a QB who wasnt certain to be the same player but certainly we all knew if he could, big things could happen , and they did.
Even Meachem was more proven but as i admitted he didnt bring an impact for us that we thought he would.

I think thats a reasonable thing to say at the time. You just dont want to be reasonable. I understand you bringing this back up as well but you know, nobody expected a Norv Turner offense to be #31 in the league and lead the league in sacks allowed either. Thats what a crap OL does for you.
why can't you just admit you were wrong about DT and Decker... they were better than you thought and certainly better than SD WR core...

its not illegal to be wrong from time to time...

just own it bro...
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