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Originally Posted by Popcorn Sutton View Post
You are unreal. You don't even need to leave this thread. It's the very reason I recalled it. Your overrating of the Chargers receivers and downplaying of everything Broncos.
Not really. Before this season your WR's were more unproven than ours with a QB who wasnt certain to be the same player but certainly we all knew if he could, big things could happen , and they did.
Even Meachem was more proven but as i admitted he didnt bring an impact for us that we thought he would.

I think thats a reasonable thing to say at the time. You just dont want to be reasonable. I understand you bringing this back up as well but you know, nobody expected a Norv Turner offense to be #31 in the league and lead the league in sacks allowed either. Thats what a crap OL does for you.
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