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[QUOTE=SleepingTiger;3769865]everyone has a different criteria for a star player... boltjolt is different from everyone elses. its his opinion... but whatever.[/qyuote]

I wouldnt say mine differs from everyone elses, im just not overrating my home teams guy. Now take that how you want but again im not saying he wont be a star. He is IMO going to be a star IF he keeps this up but there are some that did that and then fizzle out. Eddie Royal for instance. As a rookie had over 90 caches, hasnt come close since. Micheal Clayton had a big rookie year with over 80 catches aand went down hill from there so they are not stars after ONE good season which is what Thomas has good season so no he isnt a star yet.

boltjolt, please name me your top 10 WR in the league right now. If you put VJ and Crabtree above DT, you're freaking nuts!
Really? So your telling me VJ has no nusiness being ahead of Thomas? Id say YOUR nuts. VJ has been puting up numbers for years now and always has had a big YPC and had a 19.2 YPC this year and finished only 50 yards less with 22 less receptions. Id say there are some big plays being made he usually makes. He has a career YPC ave of 17.8, thats a career ave. Thomas didnt have that this year.
You let me know what team right now would be willing to give Thomas 55 million. Sorry bud, your crazy if you dont think VJ should be ahead of Thomas and your nuts for having him at #6 while leaving VJ off. I would think the sixth best WR in the league would be going to the probowl.

As for Crabtree, i never said he was a star. I asked you guys that, which was my point. He has better career numbers than Thomas. Has been pretty good every season(had decent number s as a rookie after holding out and missing games a the start of the season) and was comparable in numbers this year yet you just said he isnt a star and Thomas is?

Here is my list:

1. Megatron
2. AJ Green
3. Fitzgerald
4. Andre Johnson
5. Marshall
6. DT
7. Julio Jones
8. Welker
9. Dez
10. Roddy White
Mine would be something like:

2.Fitz(agree he had nobody throwing to him)
3. Andre Johnson
4. Marshall
5. Roddy White
6. Julio Jones
7. Reggie Wayne
8. Wes Welker
9. Vince Jackson
10.AJ Green

And id put Dez Bryant ahead of Thomas. Bryant is a bit of a head case but he has much better overall numbers in the same timespan, has returned punts for TD's and at this point looks to be better and on the cusp of being a star.

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