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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
Allow me to reply for Lonestar:

DJ Willlams is a no good dumbski of a plyer. Always drivin drink and can't make tackles axcept 10 yards don the feld. You DJ Willlam bois are two much.

[wipes, flushes, ignores rest of post]
Typical crapmfrom a lib.

Let me answer for my self.

DJ is a dumb ass,
  • note the two times he has been convicted for DUI, add t that the number of times he probably drove DUI and was not stopped.
  • His non human urine episode. (when because he was in the drug program already he got caught).
  • His tweet of his play book
  • having the defensive play calling responsiblity away because he was not smart enough to relay the play in or make a change if it was wrong
As for his drag down tackling. If you have not seen that well you have your head to far up his rectum to notice.

His $7,700,000.00 salary for next year.
Him having to take a reduction in pay of his salary just to come back To have those two tackles per game this year. Could not beat out Brookings. Ahahahahaha

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