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Matty P

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Champ is still playing at an incredible level right now. Like, better than the majority of corners league wide. "Lost a step" is a tough way to look at it, because while it SEEMS sometimes he gets beat (every corner does at some point), and he's getting older each year, his unrivaled core skills/mental capacity keep him at the top of his game. Here's the way I see it. Once he gets his ring this year, that dragon is finally off of his back. All of the hard work, dedication, and incredible sacrifice finally comes to fruition. Next year, I think we still see him produce at a Pro-Bowl level, and the following year, I think he takes a look at where he is, and step into the safety role. He's in a unique position, because he has a skillset that allows him to transition while still being able to produce at a high level. You don't see many players out there with that same capability. Linebackers usually DONT have the quickness required to go into a DB position, and aren't going to make an impact on the line. Same thing with lineman. Champ is going to be plenty quick to play safety,and his tackling won't be in question. Just an incredibly unique, gifted athlete. For him, and this is completely speculation on my part, once he get's that final feather in his cap, he'll be willing to accept a different role where he can thrive for another couple of years.
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