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All I'm saying is that the majority of the time, that's where you end up when you try to fix critical weaknesses in the later rounds. Your fourth, fifth or sixth round pick doesn't cut it, you throw a FA patch at the problem, and kick the can down the road. Like I keep saying, Skov isn't my number one choice, but he's better than anything we have at the position, he'll probably be available, and he's a high intensity, passionate player. He'd be a solid addition.

But come to think about it, rather than argue with you guys, I'm going to put my faith in Fox and JDR to work this out. They sure as hell know more than I do.
The norm may be to draft a first round starter even at a position like MLB, but there have been plenty of day two LB selections who are good players. I'm not suggesting a sixth round pick, but if we are going to miss out on Te'o and Minter, then we would be reaching to take another prospect in the first round.

Guys like Reddick, Bostic, Alonso, Jackson, Johnson, Klein, Mauti, Brown, Green, Blair, Taylor.. are all day two prospects who I'm sure our front office is watching tape on. That's a plathora of options that you don't have to reach on.. And the smart move is to fill MLB in free agency and still groom a long term prospect, unless they are truly convinced someone can be that three down day one starter.
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