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Not a bad list.

But as for cutlet well it is up for debate why he wanted out.

BM and TS played there way out of DEN with attitude/legal/league issues take your pick for the player.

So they were no goes in any shape or form.

BTW would you have hpwanted any of those head cases forthe money they got with new teams. Who would you have cut to keep them.

As for the rest.

IMHO Josh left us in better shape than mikey did

Have to do this in pieces. Working on Hughes net and it is slow.
Here's an idea, rather than pick apart the list with your personal biases, just acknowledge that the team had more talent and was in a better place BEFORE hiring McDaniels. You can still use your tanahan coupons at a later date.

ETA: just saw you THINK McD left the team in better shape than he found it...clearly you have a dizzying intellect.

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