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So did we include how many dropped ints tebow had? I'm not getting this arguement. A fumble is a fumble.
If you want apples to apples, you should include all of it. If you want to talk about turnover 'risk' vs just turnovers, you should count every time the QB puts the ball within the other team's reach. Because that's all that matters. Otherwise you're saying that Orton could've bounced the ball off 10 defenders' chests, but it wasn't as big a deal as Tebow fumbling it out of bounds once at the end of a 15 yard run. If KO made a play like that at altitude he probably would've spontaneously dropped the ball from lack of oxygen. and keeled over.

Anyway, it's obviously hard to compare turnover 'risk'. so most people just rely on actual turnovers instead of theoretically possible turnovers.

You could argue that that doesn't account for luck. But then again, Tebow was less 'lucky' in losing fumbles than say RG3 or Cam were this year. And you don't hear too many people b****ing about them putting the ball on the ground a ton.
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