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Matty P
Default Elway: The Broncos were in the worst shape ever when I took over

Found this on Reddit:

"Going back to where we were. We were probably at the lowest point that the franchise had been...since I had been around the franchise, and really, since Pat owned the franchise, so we were at the lowest point we'd ever been. So we had to get some loyalty back, not only with our players, but also with our fans. And to me, Champ Bailey was that base. He was going to be the guy we were going to build around. He had been here several years, was a great, great player. We still thought he could play. All those things come into play, so that's why it was important for us to start that build with a guy like Champ Bailey who had had that experience here, and the fan base knew, and getting that connection back with the fan base that this organization has had such a close connection with for so long...and we really, at that point in time, really felt like we lost. So that was a move, not only was he a great player, but also our fans identified with him as an important cog in this organization and why it was important for us to get him re-signed"

Link to the article:

And link to the actual interview with Sandy:

It's labeled as Clough Talk Hour 2 1/2/13

Some pretty interesting stuff, and a nice interview. So glad the Duke has stepped in and made so many positive strides. I ****ing love this team.


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