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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
Why do we get stuck on finding ways to deny americans health coverage (our parents, family, friends, & neighbors) instead of finding better ways to cover them.

I recently was reviewing an older relatives prescriptions. It was shocking what her medications cost and was billed to Medicare. Just one asthma med was nearly $500 alone per month. That was just one of many prescriptions.

But let's not stop the pharmaceutical companies from robbing us in this country blind.... oh no. Let's just deny medical coverage eligibility instead.

btw, she use to use over the counter Primetine Mist. instead. $20.00 and would last three months. But because of the ban on cfc's (not kidding here) they took it off the shelves lthis year after being used for nearly 50 years. Now instead of an $8.00 a month over the counter solution medicare will now be billed nearly $500.00 a month.

Does **** like this not piss anyone else off?

Amazing how much of this mess we could fix if we would just use common sense.
The legislature of the U.S. is designed to respond to the needs and directives of special interests, not the American people. Common sense has nothing to do with it. It's your basic quid pro quo system.
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