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I would take Skov over Jackson in a heartbeat based on level of competition alone. Skov comes through big in the biggest games. Look at Stanford getting thumped last year for 53 points by Oregon when Skov was out, and this year when the Skov-led D held Oregon to 14 points!

I think Elam makes up for his height in the intensity he brings. In big game after big game, he's the guy that makes the deciding play. I don't believe in the idea of finding gold in the late rounds. It's like buying a lottery ticket. If you luck out, fine. I'd rather use late picks on linemen and ST players. The weak spot on the Broncos is the middle of the D. Common sense tells you to use the highest picks you have on your weakest spots.
Not when you are reaching because it's a weakness. I would rather use the first round pick elsewhere and take Jackson in the third/fourth.
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