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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
What was the reason for the switch in offense. What was the catalyst for the suddenly improved defense?

[] The switch in the offense was a necessity as the new starting QB wasn't as good a passer as the former.

[] Dumerville and DJ Williams were injured most of the first 5 games...they came back healthier and stronger, and the defense during that 7-1 run was allowing almost 11 points per game less than they were prior as they doubled the sacks per game total from 1.7 to 3.4....

[] they also generated more timely turnovers during it, like goodman's INT that set up Prater's game winner to beat Minnesota...coupled with the offense not turning it over (which I gave Tebow props for BTW) we were winning the turnover battle. they also were making big plays and stops when we needed them to...look at the Jet's game, between our d and ST's, Tebow and the O was spending alot of time at or near midfield.

[] Colquitt was punting at a pro bowl level as well during the 7-1 run....he constantly was pinning opposing offenses deep inside their territory.

[] Prater was clutch as well, making several big time kicks that tied or won 4 of them.

[] Decker helped us out by catching 4 TD's during the streak, and when he tailed off towards the end, Thomas started stepping up his game.

[] the coaching staff saw their young raw QB struggling with the passing game, and changed the O to protect him by running the ball more than normal, and while they weren't without fault, they also called enough good plays to help us win 7 of Tebow's 11 starts in regular season.

so again, while Tebow was A REASON...he was not THE REASON the Broncos went 7-1 in his first 8 starts this season
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