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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
We do line up in 3-4 looks but our base LBs Woodyard and Brooking do not play with 3-4 responsibilities. I understand what to expect at the bottom of the first round, but I would rather take a different prospect in the third or fourth round.. Jackson, Reddick, Bostic.. They are physical down hill players but Reddick and Bostic can drop into space. If we are going to look for a thumper and rely on sub packages for coverage LBs which I have mentioned, then I would much rather take Andrew Jackson over Skov. Jackson lays the wood on anything and everything of the opposing team, his athleticism and upside is through the roof.

So what I'm getting at is no matter which LB direction we go in the draft, there are better value prospects later. I agree with the scheme and idea you suggested, that's why I'm so big on Andrew Jackson, but I'd rather wait for value then reach on one. I could see the FO drafting Arthur Brown or Kasheem Green from Rutgers to play MLB because of their coverage abilities. If that were the case we would be going in a more coverage based MLB direction.

I value size and physical play as well.. Funny you want Elam at SS if you value that size. I'd much rather have a prospect like Ray Armstrong or Cooper Taylor with a late late round pick. They have the size and physicality of a Cam Chancelor type SS. Elam is a smurf compared to them..
I would take Skov over Jackson in a heartbeat based on level of competition alone. Skov comes through big in the biggest games. Look at Stanford getting thumped last year for 53 points by Oregon when Skov was out, and this year when the Skov-led D held Oregon to 14 points!

I think Elam makes up for his height in the intensity he brings. In big game after big game, he's the guy that makes the deciding play. I don't believe in the idea of finding gold in the late rounds. It's like buying a lottery ticket. If you luck out, fine. I'd rather use late picks on linemen and ST players. The weak spot on the Broncos is the middle of the D. Common sense tells you to use the highest picks you have on your weakest spots.
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