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You don't feel like our LB's need to be better at shedding blocks and better in run support? If the DL is playing a 3-4 then our LB's are running into 3-4 linebacker problems.
The reason we scheme our three bigs to two gap, is to compensate for the abilities of the LBs, while allowing our best pass rushers to do what they do best. Our LBs like you mention are not good at shedding blocks, so having the DTs and DE (Wolfe) able to fill the gaps, allows Woodyard and Brooking the ability to flow to the ball. The gaps and responsibility of a 3-4 LB is different than what our LBs are doing.

Are we going to change out Woodyard as well as Brooking? Woodyard struggles in traffic. If we change out Woodyard and Brooking then we could and probably should be running a 3-4..
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