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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
I wanted him to show that he would be a fit in our defense, and I did not see that. He is average in space and below average dropping into coverage. He's also a second or third round pick.. not a round one talent. He's best playing downhill and blitzing the QB, he's a much better fit in a 3-4 defense. I guess you and I look for totally different things.
I assume the Broncos will be picking at #32. That means they will be looking at second rounders. I also assume that Te'o, Mintner and Ogletree won't be there. I'm open to getting the best Guard available at that spot. Or Matt Elam, if he's still on the board. When you draft at the bottom of the first round, you can't expect the optimum LB with perfect skills across the board. The Broncos are at a point now where they have no choice but to upgrade the position. Skov would be better than anything the Broncos have now and he plays with the kind of ferocity that makes up for a lack in optimum skills. He also has the brains to learn the playbook and get on the field quickly. With the Broncos' dominant pass rush, we don't need the best coverage LB in the league. Skov's power comes at stopping the run. And that includes running QBs. Would he make the team better at LB than it is now? Definitely.
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