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Originally Posted by Gator20134 View Post
You guys are funny

Give Tebow his due please. He energized the team, put them on every sports network, got them to the playoffs and defeated Pitt. All while having no support from the front office at all. He never once complained or bad mouthed anyone.
We've given him his due....we have stated that he helped. But because most rational people on here have also pointed out that-

[] the defense holding opposing teams to 15 points per game during the winning streak helped too as they created timely turnovers that enabled our team to win those close games like

Goodman's INT in Minnesota game setting up GW FG.....

holding KC to 8.5 points per game....(oh, wait, we lost one of those)

DJ's sack and fumble recovery in Dolphins game setting up another GW FG....

Constantly setting the Broncos up at or near midfield damn near every possesion vs. Jets

[] ST's with recovering onside kick vs. Dolphins, Colquitt pinning opponents with great punts and Prater making clutch kick after clutch kick

[] Luck also played a role like Barber running out of bounds when Bears could have killed the clock had he not had such a brain fart....and his subsequent fumble....and the fact that the Raiders laid an egg in their season finale that enabled us to sneak in after the Broncos blew their chances by losing their last 3 games when one solitary win would have clinched the division title.

....the myth perpetuated by the Tebow fans is that we just simply hate the kid for his religious beliefs, or that he was a UF player...etc. But when asked to produce these alleged posts, they never ever do. I've been accused of being a huge "hater"...but when challenged to read EVERY post I ever made about Tebow, they never have...not once.

Now I don't expect you to take my word for any of this...just read the old threads and posts where the nuthugging legion of Tebow fans ever acknowledged these facts were a factor in the Broncos winning the AFCW going 7-4 after their 1-4 start.

All you'll read is how the team, team mates, coaching staff and VP Elway let him down, undermined his development, dropped passes, the coaches wouldn't let him throw, they handcuffed him for 55 minutes of every game, bad play calling, etc.

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