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Has it ever occurred to you that it's a little bit of both? The circumstances Tebow has had to deal with have sucked. Period. At the same time he has failed to do what he needs to do to become a more accurate, consistent passer. He certainly has a share of the responsibility, but it's delusional to think very many QB prospects would thrive playing in three separate schemes under three different head coaches in three years.
Playing in different schemes under different coaches in a short period is not a conspiracy to sabatoge him. It's just a mediocre to bad player being bounced around. If he's lucky he's gonna have yet another new coach/scheme. There are alot of QBs who have done the same thing, and no one is saying they are being sabatoged on purpose out of jealousy.

And to the guy in this thread who was hyping up his completion percentage this year? Well there's a punter this season who has more yards passing and a better completion percentage, so I guess in your eyes that punter would have to be a better passer. Smh.
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