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Um, try reading...

I like Reid. I think he's a very good coach. I am not sure what kind of GM he is. And frankly, I am not sure even if he is a super-GM in waiting, if he will be able to ballance both jobs. I think that model is dead and for good reason. Even GM's aren't the uber-masters of all anymore. The front offices that do well have the responsibilities broken up among several men who specialize in player-personnel, college scouting, etc. Going back to a 90's model probably won't work.

I don't share the view that he "needs" a year off. Fox clearly showed that sometimes a change of venue is energizing enough. I don't believe he is going to bring Vick with him. He didn't want Vick to start in Philly and it took his OC to talk him into the change. The way this season went, I don't see Reid wanting Vick back and I don't see Vick wanting to come back. Reid will want to draft or sign his own, which is exactly what the Chiefs want.

Reid is basically another Holmgren. He is a good guy and very smart. There are some holes in his game, like his utter-hatred of the running game, which doesn't bode well for Charles. He also has a tendency to lean on loyalty of bad coaches even in the face of bad coaching. He'll make the team better and will be able to get some good coaches in there just on his name alone. Like I said, you could do much worse than Reid.

I do think it's funny that Pioli is going to stay on because he's too cheap to fire him. That doesn't bode well for the franchise.
I agree with everything here. I think the difference between Foxy and Andy though is Andy's gone through some real tough personal **** in the very recent past. I'd feel like I needed to pack it in for a year or two just to get my life back on track. But everyone's wired different I guess. Just seems like it might make a burnout even more likely. Really hope that's not the case for his sake (though not for the Chiefs so much )
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